Tastings, Tours, and Events
Free Tastings and Tours
Delight your family and friends with a visit to Wiederkehr Village and Wiederkehr Wine Cellars, with dining, wine tastings, cellar tours, and wine sales seven days a week. Tour the historic cellars made of native stone and mortar, where the award-winning Wiederkehr wines are aged. Then judge them for yourself during the free wine tasting.

Free tours of the cellars are given every 45 minutes from 9:00 am until 4:30 pm every day. The tours proceed through long rows of oak aging casks, to wine storage, production, and bottling areas, and finally to the tasting room where you can try our fine wines.

Weinfest Tickets and More Information
If you would like more information, please contact us via the following methods:
•  Email: info@wiederkehrwines.com
•  Telephone: 1-800-622-WINE or 479-468-WINE
•  Fax: 479-468-4791
•  Postal mail: 3324 Swiss Family Drive, Wiederkehr Village, AR 72821

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